Rockford native inspires others to tell stories


Cassie Schwager, Staff Writer

By Cassie


Maria Medrano is a sub teacher at Jefferson, she is working on being a world history teacher. “The teacher that inspired her was Ms.Frazer.”

She decided to start teaching at Jefferson. “She wanted to give a little piece of herself to the kids that will come to this building and experience school just like she did.”

Her favorite part about Jefferson was “connecting with students.”

Anytime anyone is working at a new school is tricky.

“It’s interesting, very nerve-wracking but very exciting, but I learned so much in that first week from attempting to learn classroom management, from zero to nothing to getting to know the students and figuring out how I would establish real connections with them.”

A lot of people don’t go to college for teaching.

“I went to 2, Ed’s Rock Valley College and IU into Cal, I’m in Rockford university right now.”

sometimes teachers don’t do full-time.

“I know it will be world history. whether it be monolingual or bilingual. My interest has been piqued with heritage, but We’ll see where that goes.”