Holiday Movie Night


Jacqueline Juarez

Jefferson Theatre Troupe will be hosting a movie night on Wednesday, December 7th, from 3:30 to 5:30 in the auditorium. Concessions will be available for $1 and don’t forget to bring a canned food item with you for admittance. All food items will be donated to the Rockford Rescue Mission. Bus passes will be available if needed.

Grey Martinez, a Theatre Troupe member was asked their thoughts on the school supporting food donations and they stated, “I think that it’s such a good thing that the theatre troupe is doing this to help those in need. Since it’s getting closer to the winter times it can be harder to find food or other things to provide warmth. As corny and cheesy as it sounds it really is nice to be able to do this, helping the Rockford Rescue Mission by bringing food.”