Cassie Schwager, Writer

This is Lily Mckimmey,

She joined JHS her Junior year  (2022-2023) and previously went to East High School for 2 years, She has a twin sister (Lucy Mckimmey). Her first semester at Jefferson has been a roller coaster of emotions trying to fit in and make new friends while everyone has their little groups.

So far she has had nothing but a good experience here and she couldn’t thank the staff enough for being so understanding and always willing to listen when things weren’t going right.

School has always been hard for her so having staff to lean on was always important to her . She has always struggled in school and fell behind so she is continuing the rest of her junior year at Roosevelt High School. She wants everyone to know that if you are struggling you arent alone. The staff and counselor are always willing to help. No staff wants you to drop out.