UIC partners with Jefferson High school


Olivia Sands, Managing Editor

University of Illinois College of Medicine at Chicago is partnering with Jefferson High School to create a mentorship program for the Health Academy students. This opportunity will allow for both UIC and Jefferson students to collaborate with each other.


The UIC students will practice their mentor skills so they are more prepared in the future. The Jefferson students will have the opportunity to receive assistance with what they need and to have someone that can help prepare them for their future in healthcare.


Most people don’t know that medical school has different levels from regular college. Those levels are M1, M2, M3, and M4. This is good for the J-Hawks because there are then four levels of medical school to go with the four years of high school.


During medical school year two (M2), UIC students will be with the Jefferson sophomores and then will follow them throughout their high school experience. Juniors will be paired with M3’s  and seniors will be partnered with M4’s.


These UIC students have been thoroughly vetted, meaning they have had background checks, and are safe for the students to be around and talk to and meet up with them.


This program will start in a few weeks and end at the end of the school year.