Jefferson Students and Staff Come Together to Donate 41 Total Units at Blood Drive


Olivia Sands, Managing Editor

The Jefferson students and staff donated 41 units of blood and are able to save up to 123 lives. 76 individuals were registered to donate and 58 of the people registered had never donated before.


A Jefferson High School student, Mekhi Settles, donated for the first time. “It was a good and weird experience it seems like I could feel the blood coming out of my arm.”


Senior Giselle Corona said “This was scary until I realized that this was gonna help up to 3 people.”


In order to donate you need to be at least 16 with parents permission. If you are 17 or older, you will not need parents permission.


If you missed this blood drive you can register for the one April 1st. If the next blood drive follows last years trend, it will be a competition between Rockford schools.


Thank you to the donors, this event would not be possible without you.