Time Management as an Athlete, How One Senior Does it All

Arelly Vazquez-Caldera, Staff Writer

Arelly Vazquez-Caldera

As a student-athlete, it gets complicated having to manage life, education, sports, and personal life outside of school. 17-year-old Senior Alexandra Lee has an insight into how she manages and balances her daily to-do’s and her obligations to work and her love for the sport she plays.

Alex is a CNA (certified nursing assistant) currently working as a nursing assistant in a rehab facility, Alex said, “My job is very stressful, especially with the decline in people wanting to work in healthcare. We are understaffed by a lot and it is a big struggle for me to get my work done throughout the day.” Alex works 12 hours shift on weekends.

We could only imagine how work and school fill up your schedule, but Alex yet has

Zachary Larson

another subject. Sports, varsity player Alex still makes room for practice and games throughout the week. Practice runs Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays while Tuesdays and Thursdays are dedicated to game days which start around 7 pm.

With a little math, five of the seven days of her week are occupied by school and volleyball until after practice which ends at 6 pm. Alex uses her time to get caught up with school work and any duties she has to complete.

She has to manage all these responsibilities, but what about enjoying her teenage years? Alex says ” When I get asked to go out, watch football games, or even go out to eat. I’ve learned how to say no. We just need that time to ourselves, let ourselves breathe, get enough sleep since school days are dreadful.”