From Cotton Candy – to Candy Cloud

Esther Sturdivant and Nahoni Ruiz

Alex Edwards opened a coffee shop at 6286 East state street, Rockford IL 61108 on March 5th, 2022. This coffee shop includes specialty drinks such as boba coffee, ice cream, cotton candy, and lemonade. 

Alex really gave this spring a head start with his specialty drinks starting at $5. He stated – ” it went bigger than expected”, while on the news. His coffee shop was originally known for its cotton candy but now is known for the coffee and layered ice cream. He sells and caters to the community. 

¨If you have a sweet tooth you will enjoy it¨said Liora Zequiri. Their cotton candy is made with homemade sugars and their specialty drinks are great for people who have a sweet tooth. These drinks are perfect for all seasons, even their hot coffee is pretty good.